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Got a question?

It’s probably been asked before. We’ve got answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions right here. Our technicians have answered several questions about product operation, features, troubleshooting and more right here for your convenience. Check here first and help yourself.

If you can't find the answer to your question, or require operational assistance with your copier, printer or fax machine, please call 1-866-931-8388.


My copier is not powering on, what should I check for?

1. Be sure the copier is plugged into a grounded outlet.

2. Be sure the power switch is on.

3. Be sure the side cover is securely closed.

4. Be sure the front cover is securely closed.


The POWER SAVE indicator is on, what does that mean?

1. The copier is in preheating mode. Press any key to cancel the preheat mode.

2. The copier is in auto shut off mode. Press the print key to cancel the auto power shut off.


Why is my copier making blank copies?

Make sure the original is face down on the platen glass surface.



My copies are too light or too dark. What should I check for?

1. The original image may be too light or dark. Adjust the exposure manually to compensate.

2. The copier may be in automatic exposure mode. Adjust the automatic exposure manually.

3. The copier may be in photo mode. Cancel the photo exposure mode.


Smudges and dirt appear on my copies. How can I correct this?

1. Smudges and dirt can be caused by the original table or original cover being dirty. Clean it regularly. See your machine operation manual for details.

2. Original may be smudged or blotchy. Use a clean original.


Why do my copies have stripes on them?

The transfer charger should be cleaned. See your machine operation manual for details.


Why do my images rub off the copy easily?

1. The paper being used could be too heavy. Use paper within the specified range for your copier.

2. The paper may be damp. Over time paper can absorb moisture from the air. Replace damp paper with dry copy paper. If the copier will not be used for an extended period of time, remove the paper from the paper tray and store it in the original wrapper in a dry location.